Branding - get your message across

In today's post, we talk about ways to generate sales for businesses that delivers the message across about the brand

but does not break the bank.  After all, are we not all just trying to survive in this tough financial climate.

2016 was a pretty tough year for business and many young and in particular  start up businesses did not survive the brutal 

starvation of market share.


Of these, the promotions industry took a hard knock and only the strong contenders would keep the wolves from the door.


Fortunately Ace Promotions is one of these contenders and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year providing solutions

for thousands of small, medium and large scale companies that require our knowledge and expertise to promote their brand.


One of these solutions would be the mighty Pen.......


This writing implement packs in plenty of punch when it comes to brand awareness, the advertising area is fairly small but the

message it bears is kept in the hands of the user on many occasions making the ROI excellent value.  There is definately a pen

style for everybody's budget and individual requirements.


The pen has other uses apart from writing, some would argue it is a great tool for stirring your tea when you don't happen to

have a tea spoon.


Did you know the Apollo 7 moon mission was saved because of a pen!  Buzz Aldrin used the barrel of a pen to activate a broken circuit

breaker that helped control the main engines for lifting off the moon's surface.


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