Products : Pen & Pencil Gift Packaging (87)

  • Wedge Gift Box

    Wedge Gift Box

    Cardboard gift box for pens with a wedge shaped interior which allows it to hold most pens.

    From $1.19

  • Monaco Gift Box

    Monaco Gift Box

    Stylish pen presentation box which will hold one or two pens. It has a padded velvet base, a magnetic closure and hidden elastic loops that ensure it will hold most pen styles.

    From $3.54

  • Style Gift Box

    Style Gift Box

    From $2.55

  • Superior Gift Box

    Superior Gift Box

    From $4.25

  • Velvet Pen Sleeve

    Velvet Pen Sleeve

    Plush velvet sleeve which adds value to any pen presentation.

    From $0.27

  • Torpedo gift box

    Torpedo gift box

    B9 - Torpedo gift box

    From $0.43

  • Twin magnetic box

    Twin magnetic box

    B103 - Twin magnetic box

    From $2.14

  • Single magnetic box

    Single magnetic box

    B105 - Single magnetic box

    From $1.84

  • Opera pen box

    Opera pen box

    B200 - Opera pen box

    From $1.17

  • Vienna pen pouch

    Vienna pen pouch

    B300 - Vienna pen pouch

    From $3.55

  • Plastic box

    Plastic box

    B301 - Plastic box

    From $0.75

  • Velvet box

    Velvet box

    B4 - Velvet box

    From $2.84

  • Single Pen Box

    Single Pen Box

    From $7.36

  • Double Pen Leather Pouch

    Double Pen Leather Pouch

    From $5.76

  • Double Pen Box

    Double Pen Box

    From $9.25

  • Paper Pen Box

    Paper Pen Box

    From $4.00

  • Black Presentation Box

    Black Presentation Box

    From $8.38

  • Pen Box

    Pen Box

    From $4.98

  • Leather Look Pen Box

    Leather Look Pen Box

    From $7.23

  • Metal Presentation Box

    Metal Presentation Box

    From $4.61

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